“I’m running for Congress to finish Congressman Filemon Vela’s term because South Texas deserves a representative who will focus on what matters: lower costs, affordable healthcare, safe communities, and a secure retirement.”

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Dan Sanchez is a proud father, husband, attorney, and South Texas native running for Congress to complete Congressman Filemon Vela’s term in office.

Dan grew up in a small farming community called Los Indios, where he worked in the fields and learned the value of hard work.

Dan’s parents raised him with strong Christian values, and set the example on how to always step up to help others.

Their life lessons led him to devote most of his career to public service, serving as an Assistant DA, Justice of the Peace, and as a Cameron County Commissioner.

When elected to finish Congressman Vela’s term, Dan will work to lower costs, make healthcare more affordable, and protect Social Security and Medicare.